"I just wanted to thank BOTH of you for the amazing experience the team and I had with you this week. The recruiting was top-notch - with a short timetable, no less; show rates were terrific .. and don’t think the client didn’t notice and comment on that! And a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to Barbara at the front desk. She was cognizant of which respondents were potential issues (and she was dead on!). But more than that, she should join the circus, she could be a mega star, given the way she could really JUGGLE THINGS! It turned out that we changed waiting room pre-read/exercise materials for virtually every session – that meant printing out, copying, distributing … and instructing respondents. She was never flustered or fazed, remaining calm, smiling and accommodating with pressure under extreme fire!


Many thanks to all!"



"Hi Kris & team - Often times, people will take the time to write an email to complain about something, but don’t take the time to give kudos when they’re due… and they’re due! I am very impressed with the team’s efforts & accomplishments, quality of respondents, and the show rates on this round of research as well as the previous round in all markets! In the past 16 years, I’ve managed my fair share of qualitative projects and worked with a lot of different recruiting companies & facilities. Without a doubt, Plaza is doing an outstanding job. (When I say Plaza, I mean the folks doing the work.) From start to finish including, but not limited to… bid requests/project feasibility, holding dates/freeing up dates, prompt responses to emails, client needs, client-facing staff/hostess, facility, quality respondents, excellent/best show rates, signed respondent forms sent back, invoicing quickly... is above and beyond others and I thank you and your team for that.


Many thanks!"


"Just wanted to say thank you for the hard work from you and your staff. The groups were great and I appreciated all the help. The woman who packaged dinner for me was so kind.





"We have worked with many Plaza sites over the past several years and they are always very responsive; we have always had excellent interactions with the staff in Houston, particularly Richard Esparza. Richard goes above and beyond to ensure our project needs are met, both during planning and while on site. Our study had challenging recruiting criteria so required more than typical communication during the project. We appreciate the partnership mindset. Our experience with Plaza sites has been very positive. though the recruiting can be challenging at times, Plaza always comes through. We appreciate the partnership we have fostered with Plaza these past years.



M. Wong

"Thanks so much for a wonderful couple of days in Tampa - fantastic respondents and 100% show on shop-alongs. Your whole team made our research endeavor such a success, thank you for all the effort you shared to make it so!  Looking forward to the

next opportunity."

Alice E.

"I needed the costs the same day, it was a really tricky thing to cost for, but they came very quickly and everything was covered. Lindsay was very clear with everything and very accommodating; the PM was fantastic, every email was responded to even if was to just say it had been received. It was such a relief working with someone who was on point the whole way through, when it was such a high profile piece of work for us. Everyone was recruited to a high spec. We were asked to pre-screen everyone ourselves as we were looking for people to have the right attitude which is hard to recruit for. The participants we got back were brilliant and any issues were dealt with promptly. Because of this experience we have already commissioned a project with Plaza San Fran. We will be using Plaza as our go to in the US whenever possible. I really can’t tell you just how impressed both myself and the wider team have been with everyone there."  




Holly I

"Fantastic job following up with our respondents and meeting our needs! The team in Denver did an amazing job handling our recruit, which we had to change just days before the groups.  They all did an amazing job! Thank you to all your staff - you did a wonderful job with maintaining our group flow with both parents and kids.  We know it was extra work, but your staff never hesitated and things went off without a hitch in both locations. We choose Plaza whenever we can.  Our projects are always well handled, the recruits are solid and their staff is so professional. Thank you all for your hard work - we'll definitely be back!


"Kris is amazing! I hear back immediately and Kris always is very thorough with info regarding recruiting and facility. Shout out to Diana for pulling off this difficult recruit! She updated me frequently on the status, used creative methods to reach out to meet quotas, and found excellent participants that gave us some great insights! My team had only rave reviews from the service they received. Thank you to all on-support staff for going above and beyond to make our study happen! I love this team! I have been referring Plaza Houston to my colleagues for Houston studies. Thank you for providing an amazing experience and setting the bar for my vendors so high!"




"The bid was provided very promptly and both costs and timing were clear. I can't say enough good things about Nicolas, my PM on this study.  His responsiveness, engagement, and dedication to a lengthy project with lots of moving parts was truly exceptional.  He employed thoughtful problem solving when there were challenges, asked great questions when clarification was needed, and delivered updates punctually, so I never had to wonder what our status was during the project.Outstanding respondents who were perfectly on target for our research! Many thanks to Kris and Nicolas for providing truly best in class engagement, service, and deliverables.  I will be very glad to return to Plaza for future project work!  In addition to providing this feedback to you, I will also provide it to my vendor management specialist so that she is encouraged to reach out to you on projects that I'm not managing, as well."

Natanya R.

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